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I Couldn’t Believe It    

Hi Berny,

Dr. Sean Stephenson and Linda Hollander
At the National Speakers Assn. Conference in San Diego with Dr. Sean Stephenson who has been called the “3 foot giant”

Speakers Do the Dumbest Things 

I was speaking at an event recently where one of the other morning speakers arrived in the afternoon because she “doesn’t do mornings.”

At another event, a speaker didn’t even communicate with the meeting planner 2 months prior to the event. Nobody even knew if she was going to show up.

She waltzed in 5 minutes before her presentation to a room of people who were completely freaking out. They couldn’t believe her lack of respect.

Do You Think These Speakers Will Get Hired Again?

Absolutely not. Even worse, the person who booked these speakers will probably warn others not hire them because they caused the meeting planner so much unnecessary grief.


Why Speak?


I was just at the National Speakers Assn. Conference where I met Dr. Sean Stephenson. Sean was born with a rare bone disorder that stunted his growth. He started speaking at 17, went on to work in the Bill Clinton White House, published books and became a therapist. He’s one best motivational speakers I’ve ever seen and a complete professional who speaks around the world.

You have a message that needs to get out in the world. Why not consider more public speaking?

7 Benefits of Public Speaking
  1. Make money and grow your business
  2. Build your audience
  3. Create celebrity and expert status
  4. Develop your communications skills
  5. Have great adventures
  6. Change people’s lives
  7. Get sponsors

Public speaking is a business and if you give great value and treat people well, you’ll get more clients, referrals, speaking opportunities and sponsors.


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Sponsor Secrets Seminar Live on October 7-9, 2014 in Los Angeles

Sponsor Secrets Seminar-October 7-9, 2014-Los Angeles

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Sponsor Secrets Seminar Live!
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Talk to Me about Sponsors

Linda Hollander, Wealthy Bag Lady

I would love to talk to you personally about how you can get sponsors.

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I’m very much in gratitude for your time and support. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

I wish you the best of success with your business and sponsorships.

To your success,


Linda Hollander, Wealthy Bag Lady

Linda Hollander 

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