Joygrace Harmony CEO Space wins– Keval Bliss and our partial sponsor of Mt. Kilimanjaro climb. Thank You Licensed Acupuncturist Lisa Wong for showing us our bodies “healing buttons”.
 Lisa K. Y. Wong, is  climbing a mountain to launch her global Climb Every Mountain Self-Care Movement. On July 4, 2015, she will join record-holding climbers on Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the African continent, and teach simple self-care methods to help them combat high-altitude sickness as they scale the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.


The group will also include 85-year-old Anne Lorimor, who aspires to set the Guinness World Record as the oldest woman to ever climb the heights of the famous peak.


The Climb Every Mountain Self-Care Movement aims to reduce the prevalence of chronic pain and illness around the globe by educating, engaging and empowering people with a simple, unique practice of self-care developed by Ms. Wong and Center For Healing By Design, Inc. The practice distills the wisdom of ancient acupuncture techniques and modern medicine into a 3-step process that can dissolve pain, boost the immune system and accelerate healing in the body. It also reveals the miniature ‘maps’ that can be found on every body, and that can lead to healing illness, pain and discomfort. While it sounds simple, it is extremely powerful, as it accesses the body’s profoundly complex network of connections that have been harnessed by acupuncturists for centuries.
I have personally used Lisa’s systems and have shared it with those at Bliss International, too.  We are all maintaining pain free bodies!!!
I came to Ashland to assist Keval with a forthcoming GoFundMe for Bliss to recover from personal immediate family members transitions to Eternal life.
We Thank Paul Hoyt for his webinar talking about GoFundMe and how his campaign had raised almost $18,000 for our beloved Roger Anthony.
I am SO grateful for all the Love and Support of CEO Space throughout the past four and half years.
My biggest win will be bringing Keval and her teen daughter to the August forum as new additions to our CEO Space family!!!
Visit as We watch Anne!!!
Thank you and We See You All at the Top!!!!