As a legacy member of Faculty and an IBI historic member since the 1990’s – I have built and sold various firms over my history as a LIFETIME member of CEO SPACE and a personal friend of the Dohrmann’s. September’s family is from Nashville and she and Berny met in my Club–so our history together is forever.
My latest project I am asking Grads world-wide to click – share – post on walls – twitter – and go viral for me – is CAPITAL SPORTSMAN.

What makes Capital Sportsman unique is our history from having styled and manufactured clothing for brands many have known and loved for a lifetime….Wrangler, Lee, JanSport, Duck Head, Colonel Littleton, Ducks Unlimited, and many other private brands for in-store retail.
Basically, our focus has been spent on the best of the best legendary brands. We have taken the best of the best of what we had made over the many years of design, and Capital Sportsman grew from a vision to a reality.

We then decided to build the business around giving back to the outdoors, to preserve the nature that
we experienced  growing up for future generations. We also decided to offer our shirts and other
styles at an affordable price by taking the retailer out of the middle and bringing the value straight to
the customer. Our shirts are sold at about half of what is charged at regular retail for the same quality
and make…and sometimes much more.

We have a goal to make our shirts the ones those who own them always reach for first. We are very proud to be a small business run by Americans for Americans, and strive to be the best we can be in that endeavor,
with a live customer service team and same day shipping from our distribution center in Nashville, Tennessee.

To view our mini-catalog, simply click here

And you can also visit the full store at

I am asking my most favorite community of friends to share this message with your entire ROLODEX (how many still remember when Berny would say that?!!!)

YOU have the means to help me take this viral, and all the possible postings you can make to share this with the world is going to be the way it happens.  As Berny would say, “DO IT NOW”!!!  I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this….THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Very Best Regards,  Kenny

Kenny Markanich
President – Capital Sportsman
2955 Sidco Dr.
Nashville, TN  37204
Office (615) 847-1985
Cell (615) 306-1956