Dan Cheadle’s Facebook account has been compromised and this person is actively seeking CEO Space Grads in a phishing scam involving $250,000 grants.

After having personal experience with people like this, I am aware that these are not just isolated events, but are a part of organized crime.  Grads are especially desirable because of our community and our creative thinking regarding capital fund raising, etc.


It’s very important that we alert all grads to activities such as this – because it reflects on CEO Space communities, causing distrust, especially when information isn’t shared within the community.


I have taken a snap shot of all the Grads that this fraudulent account is connected to who are most likely all CEO Space grads (that I have in common) I’m sure there are more which I am not friends with.


I have personally called Dan to verify this activity and heard that Chris Salter has also been contacted. I’m quite sure that others have as well, but do not know who. Perhaps by sharing this information we can personally let people know about this, in addition to an email being sent out to Grads from you.


Thank you for all that you do!