Anne Lorimor, an 85 year-young CEO Space Grad is getting ready

to break the world record next month and become the oldest

woman to climb to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro. That is a climb to

19,341 feet!

Anne will be accompanied by a group of CEO Space Grads and

the entire group is asking your support in getting her message out.

I’m Watching Anne!

While we were at the BGC, a flashmob was formed of CEO Space

members who pledged to join the “I’m Watching Anne” movement.

They all saw the value of lending their skills and networks to

support building a social media storm around this historical event.

And, around this unassuming woman, who wants to make a

difference in the world.

At 85, Anne is not an expert at social media. She does not even

own a cell phone. She cannot manage a crowdfunding campaign.

Her email list is tiny – but her heart is huge!

And YOUR heart is huge, too!

Please help grow the social media storm we are creating by doing

two simple things:

1. Tweet the following twice a day:

“#Imwatchinganne are you? Pls RT”

2. Like her Facebook fan page, “I’m Watching

Anne” and share it with your friends.

Click like crazy and stir this storm up!!!