I want to recommend an important new movie about families and bullying (of all kinds) and the uncertain times families live in.  It’s called Milton’s Secret.

Eckhart Tolle says “a great teaching in Milton’s Secret is to watch the main character played by Donald Sutherland — how he lives, how he operates.”  Milton’s Secret is available on demand Here: http://bit.ly/2deO1LP

Eckhart also said, “Milton’s Secret points to the possibility of living in a different stage of consciousness that no longer generates unnecessary suffering for yourself and for others,”

Eckhart, whose work was the basis for the film, applauds Donald Sutherland for effectively showing this “stage of consciousness” through his character Grandpa Howard.  Eckhart, September and I invite you to watch the film, and we hope Grandpa Howard’s way of living his life, dealing with situations, and interacting with people will be a lesson you can apply in your own life.

Milton’s Secret is available NOW here: