We have made updates to the forum! You asked for more value and networking opportunities….. and we delivered! Below are descriptions of the new value added items. Call us at the home office if you have questions about these new items and what they mean for you as a grad.



Saturday faculty reside at hosting tables in the first AM lesson. All the graduates returning participate and stand on the walls. Members may than move to faculty tables, and spend as much time as they wish with any one faculty member. They can move and SNAP for the consulting advice they need before Super SNAP.




Faculty Panel is a game that is played on Thursday of Class. The Faculty are all engaged in a live panel with the board of directors on the main Super Teaching Stage. Each Faculty member skill is reintroduced to the entire group. The entire student body may then spend 30 minutes moving anyone to the panel to access Faculty they have not yet had time with and get answers. The next thirty minutes defines question and answers from the entire student body, to the entire faculty where as many faculty as possible under a mentor quality with call BRAIN DRAIN as we drain the brain talent for just one student questions. Brain Drain ends and the entire student body may approach the panel for the duration fo the lesson.


FACUTLY SMART – Faculty SMART is played on Friday to assure all grads can participate. Circles of five with ONE EMPTY CHAIR are set up. The faculty is standing the in the front of the room celebrated. Then faculty move through each circle and coach as many circles as they can serve during the lesson plan. Coaching is intense and each circle is FULL of QUALITY with many faculty serving many circles producing a new blast of coaching result for more students with more faculty.



SNAP: Super Networking is offered Tuesday night and again Saturday morning when all grad members have returned and are on site. All these lessons are required training for the entire student body. Snap is set up in circles of five. One RUNNER moves to as many circles as possible with their SNAP request. Those in all circles seek to help the RUNNER unconditionally bringing the contact and expertise power of the massive talent in the room, and who they know back home to play for the guest. Led by Dr. David Gruder and Hugh Ballou these offerings are to unmatched quality in 2014.


IMPLOSION: A final networking graduation game Celebrating and closing the Business Growth Conference. Implosion sets up inside circles of students, where the entire class surrounds them. The bigger circle with unlimited cooperation and networking powers, implodes on the smaller inside circle in longer time frame networking. The final networking is the best demonstrating the ultimate power of cooperation over competition to close each Conference.




The all new Capital Training hosted by Berny Dohrmann represents, a break through in NEW LAW including Regulation A education for those seeking to develop over compliance planning. New RAP SOFTWARE are 49.00 a month from Mark Jones provides a digital compliance tracker, we feel no private placement or exempt offering should fail to apply. Using RAPP assures that over compliance levels of performance are documented fully. Encourage those raising capital in your markets to attend the FREE CAPITAL education upgraded in 2014, and to use RAPP digital tracking software for any security undertaking with third party investors. Over Compliance has gone digital. Marlon Paz and Matt Romney offer private placement and regulation A offering representation for a flat rate of 15,000 dollars exclusive to CEO SPACE customers.