nadineSan Francisco, CA – April 17, 2014 – Many people are stressed out, afraid to start their own business or struggle to be successful and create the lifestyle they deserve as they do not have work-life balance.  Companies, employees, business leaders and entrepreneurs can learn from top business experts and world renowned speakers including Cheri Tree, Bill Walsh, Engr. Innocent Obu and Nadine Lajoie, Founder and Angie Dennis, co-promoter for this event, “R.A.C.I.N.G. to Business Success, with the Global B.A.N.K AcademyTM”. The 2-day event will be held on May 18-19, 2014 at the Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa on Sunday and at the Sonoma Raceway on Monday.  Attendees will experience an adrenaline rush, hands-on exercises to break through the glass ceiling (, and learn about team building and business strategies, including:


  • How to increase your sales by 300% with B.A.N.K.
  • How to build a multi-million dollar business
  • How to break barriers and become an expert in your industry


Success is all about learning, overcoming your fears, taking action and surrounding yourself with winners who can show you the way.  Happiness and wellness are a question of balance between life, business, and reaching for your dreams, but unfortunately many people give up on their dreams to soon and are dying inside every day because they are not doing what they would love to do.  The economy has hit really hard these past few years so it is time to get back on track and take control of your own destiny.


Leading seminars across the USA and Internationally, Cheri Tree, Founder of Global B.A.N.K. Academy and Bill Walsh, America’s Small Business Expert, both had the honor to speak at the National Achievers Conference and at Harvard University. “It is a privilege for me and the participants to learn from such a line-up of speaking professionals and other experts including Marco Robert, Dawn Lyons, Barb Weiss, Cory Nott and Jodi Schmaltz, to help everyone create a highly focused and unique experience.  As a former champion motorcycle racer and 16 times award-winning entrepreneur, I wanted to create really unique event and bring people to the racetrack, so while they are learning, they can experience the ambiance and the energy.   I always like to connect fun and passion with work!”, said Nadine Lajoie, the Founder of the “World Premiere Leadership Trainings at the RacetrackTM”.




About Nadine Lajoie – Featured on USA Today, ABC, FOX and CBS Money Watch, #1 Best-Selling Author, Nadine appeared in magazines along with Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Zig Ziglar and shared big stages like: iTEDx, California Women’s Conference, with Top Speakers in the Country, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Les Brown, Tom Hopkins, just to name a few.  Nadine also spoke in Africa, India, Europe and Canada.

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International Award-Winning Entrepreneur (16 awards), Speaker and America’s High Speed Success Coach, Nadine Lajoie (pronounced lage-wah) was retired and millionaire at age 41 and also became a “Champion Motorcycle Racer who Sings like an Angel”, Radio Host and Co-Founder of “Teen CEO Reality TV Show”.  She trains and “IN-Powers” entrepreneurs worldwide to ACHIEVE high performance, ACCELERATE success, INCREASE Productivity and BUILD systems, with her “Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G System™”.


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