PANELS are an extension tool for SHOTBOX, a Personal Portable Photo Light Studio. PANELS set the stage for your creativity. Pick and choose background and floor sheets that take your photos to brand new levels of expression and showmanship. Take better product shots if you’re an online seller. Enhance your blog. Capture collectibles like never before. Make your hobbies shine and impress. Share your family heirlooms in new and profound ways. SHOTBOX and PANELS should be in every home, office and classroom.


My name is Aaron Johnson. I’m a co-inventor of the original Cricut Electronic Cutter and have been innovating and inventing for over 25 years now. SHOTBOX is my endeavor to change the way we do small-scale photography as well as open up new photographic areas to explore. These include using our smartphones to replace and mobilize scanning.

Last summer we raised over $110,000 with our original SHOTBOX campaign, a critical milestone to launching our company. If you’re not familiar with SHOTBOX, watch this 70-second video for a demonstration and opportunity to come on board with the full product.