USA, Colorado, Denver, July 17, 2014


Denver, CO – Locally owned Midas Financial announced today that it is offering a brand-new, unique “lease-with-65%-cash-rebate” program nationally, effective immediately.


This program will enable U.S. small business owners and brand-new owners to obtain significant cash, typically within 10 days of application.  Key facts:


  • 65% cash back rebate (Example: $100,000 lease gives $65,000 cash rebate.)
  • No upfront fees
  • Personal credit to qualify: 650+ credit scores, clean Equifax
  • Entity with EIN required
  • No personal guarantee
  • Up to $100,000 lease with NO financials for 2+ year old entity and non-home-based
  • Up to $30,000 lease with NO financials for < 2 years old entity OR home-based business
  • Funds typically arrive within 5 days of completed application
  • Lease is for a customized server system and attached surge system for energy savings


Also, the company’s existing Personal Loan Program remains in effect. To qualify for a personal installment loan package, typically in the range of $50,000 – $150,000, individuals need to have:


  • 680+ credit scores
  • Interest rate can typically be between 7 – 11%. (Higher credit scores = lower interest rate)
  • Clean Equifax report
  • Few inquiries
  • Funds typically arrive within 72 hours of completed application


This type of loan can actually improve credit. As always, there are no upfront fees for loan packages. One individual may apply for both an equipment lease and a personal loan, if desired.



About Midas Financial


Midas Financial is a Denver-based provider of financial solutions to small business owners and individuals. It specializes in creative approaches. There is no up-front fee, ever. Fees are earned based on obtaining funds for clients. In business 10 years, over 42,000 clients helped, $400 million closed for clients. Also helps clients with legal, ethical, effective and guaranteed credit restoration.




To learn more about this opportunity, please contact:


Jonathan Kolber, Midas Financial

(720) 240-3795

Important Information: Available only to residents of the United States and others who can legally incorporate an entity in a US state. Results are not guaranteed. Lease proceeds must be used for a business purpose such as salaries, equipment, office space, travel and so forth. Personal loan proceeds can be used for any legal purpose. We are an introducing intermediary, and have no control of your actual installment loan agreements. We have no responsibility for any of your actions, or actions of parties whom we introduce. Midas has been in business 10 years and helped over 42,000 clients with over $400 million closed