Total US exports only for August 2016 were almost $188 billion (source:

US Spanish speakers total 41 million natives plus 11.6 million bilinguals. This is more than in Spain or Colombia, and makes the US the second-largest Spanish market in the world, just after Mexico (121 million). (source: US Hispanic Data Gallery, 6/29/2105:

Please also see the second attachment about the number of major language speakers and the bottom stats by the independent research firm, Common Sense Advisory. In particular,
Around 72% of the world does not speak English.
57% of websites are only in English.
But 85% of world consumers will only purchase if information about a product or service is in their native language.
Even in the very multilingual European Union, 90% of internet users choose a website in their own language and only half are happy using an English site.
These are too many stats to publicize, so please just present the most impactful ones.

If savvy US companies could grab just a small piece of this ethnic or global action, they could dramatically increase their revenues. If they don’t, it’s a tremendous waste of lost opportunities.

Some common fears:

a. If I get an email inquiry in another language, how can I read it or respond?

Answer: Send it to us to translate into English, and send us your answer to translate into the target language.

b. What if non-English speakers call me or I want to call them?

Answer: Auerbach International can easily set you up to access our telephonic interpreting service which works 365/24/7. Through a telephonic interpreter, you can speak in 240 languages — including many you’ve never heard of. The cost is just $1.35/minute for Spanish and $1.70 for all others …. a very low price to negotiate a sale, talk to a supplier, or seal a deal.

Please see: