What are staffers saying?

“I have attended 9 consecutive Business Growth Conferences and staffed 8 of them.  Staffing gives me unique insights on the creation and operation of high performance teams and problem solving on a personal as well as team level.  What I learn here is easily translated in to my projects at home, making them that much more successful.


It is also very rewarding helping new members and grads resolve a multitude of issues that arise during the week — anything from simple directions to a class room,  to getting a member over an emotional hump.

If you have never staffed (or even if you have) join me in helping to make your Business Growth Conference a success and improve your personal skills as well.”

– Phil Bartel


Join Ellen Morgan, new Head of Staff, for personal leadership, delegation, cooperative culture building and high performance team creation tools. It’s just another way CEO Space helps you excel your business growth success.



STAFF PRICE JUNE 614 SPECIAL PRICING $495 ( includes Meals Monday AM to Friday PM )

  • Special Staff SNAP in front of entire membership
  • Lowest Cost for Full Forum Access
  • Advanced Training by Forum Faculty for Staff Only