Wish Man is a truly inspiring story of how one boy changed a man’s life forever. It is based on the true story of Frank Shankwitz, the principal Founder of the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, which is arguably the most well recognized and beloved charitable organization on earth. Over the past 30 years, the Foundation has touched over 250,000 children and 25,000 volunteers, and had a positive impact on millions of lives through worldwide recognition.
As Founder of the coveted Make a Wish Foundation  – He knew that his impact would be important, yet never thought he’d see his story told on the silver screen.

This fall, we are filming one of the most inspirational movies of all time…Wish Man!

Combine Rudy, Rocky, and Blindside with a dash of the pursuit of Happiness.

Now, here’s where YOU come in.

We are seeking Sponsors and Ambassadors that could gain value from product placement and on screen exposure to a worldwide audience.

By you helping us, we help another by sharing this journey that may ignite the next global phenomenon.


U.S. Film Market

In 2013, more than two-thirds of the U.S./Canada population (68%) – or 225 million people – went to the movies at least once. During that period, U.S./Canada box office sales represented $10.8 billion, up 6% from 2012. Independent production studios continue to lead the way with nearly 75% of all films released (CARA Film Ratings, Rentrak Corporation Films). One of the Top Grossing Genres from 1995-2013 is Drama with a 16.74% market share (this includes many films “based on a true story”). Since the Wish Man film falls into this category, it will be targeting box office sales within a $1.8 billion market segment. (Nash Information Services 1997-2013).

In addition to box office sales, Wish Man will target the lucrative Home Entertainment market (which includes purchases and rentals of DVDs, Blu-Ray disks, online electronic outlets like Apple’s iTunes, and subscription services like NetFlix. In 2012, the Home Entertainment market generated an estimated $18b (Reuters, The Digital Entertainment Group April 2012). For the Drama genre, that could mean an estimated $3b market opportunity.


The Company plans to leverage its deep relationships to execute a comprehensive distribution strategy that includes both traditional and non-traditional means of distribution.

–          Traditional Box Office: U.S. based moviegoers currently watch films on approximately 39,000 screens at roughly 5,000 theatre locations (HIS Screen Digest). The Company will leverage its relationships and those of its partners to gain distribution into the three largest theatre groups including Regal Entertainment Group, AMC Entertainment, and Cinemark. Collectively these three companies offer up to 17,156 screens at 1,361 sites.

–          In Home Entertainment: In 2013, more films were watched legally online and PPV than purchased in U.S. theatres (HIS Screen 2013). As a result, the company will seek distribution for DVD and Blue-Ray sales.

–          Online Channels: In 2011, Americans  began watching 3.4b movies online. As a result, the Company plans to pursue innovative distribution agreements with large online portals like YouTube (1b users), Netflix (36m subscribers), and Hulu (4m subscribers).

–          Churches & Congregations: There are currently over 300,000 churches and congregations in the U.S. (Hartford Institute of Religious Research 2013). The Company will leverage its deep relationships in this community to get distribution directly through churches and other faith based organizations across the country.


Revenue & Expense

100 percent of the 2.5 Million dollar funding has already been secured, which is now green-lit and slated for production October 6th, 2014. The film scheduled to be released in the Summer 2015.

The movie’s script has been registered with The Writer’s Guild of America.

The Company has kept costs low by filming as a SAG independent production, filming on location in Arizona, and staying away from expensive set pieces. With the direct assistance from the city counsel, we are working with the city of Prescott and Arizona film commissions to get special access to private areas to keep production costs to a minimum.

The Company is leveraging support from the film community, including actors and actresses, which has been overwhelming. Many are donating service for free to be a part of this amazing project.


Sponsors, and Product Placement Opportunity

Wish Man Inc. is providing sponsors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of the movie making process/distribution. This includes involvement in the overall production (i.e. input on the screenplay, on set access during filming, participation in post production activity, inclusion in marketing and sales efforts, etc.).



‘Anyone can be a hero, this is your chance to be one today’

Join our team and be part of history.

$1M (One Available) – Key/Primary ‘Title’ Sponsor, Opening and Ending (Full Screen) credits. Logo on rear DVD Case covers. Logo on Movie Posters. On-set full VIP Access. Signage on Set. Logo on ‘set ‘commemorative apparel.  Private Diner party with Frank/Kitty (Founders of Make a Wish).  Keynote Speech and/or Private showing – Photo Opp with Frank for your group/organization. On set opportunity to be an extra in Film.  Logo on Media wall at Initial Film Premier. 8 VIP Tickets to initial premier. *2X (Twice) Focused Product Placement.

$500K (Two Available) – Gold Sponsor. Featured ending credits. On-set full VIP Access. Signage on Set. Logo on ‘set ‘commemorative apparel.  Meet and Greet with Frank on Site (Private Lunch) On set opportunity to be an extra in Film. 6 VIP Tickets to initial premier. *Focused Product Placement.

$100K (7 Available) – Film Ambassador.  On-set full VIP Access. Meet and Greet with Frank on Site (Private Lunch). Special thanks in ending rolling credits. 4 General Tickets to initial premier *Standard Product Placement


Product Placement:

This is a period film, Circa Late 70’s.

*Note: All products MUST be supplied by sponsor in ideal condition (5 copies) and have been readily available between 1978-82.

$75k  – Focused Placement, 4 or more seconds of screen time, Special thanks in ending rolling credits, On set Access, and 4 General tickets to initial premier.

$50k – Standard Placement, 2 or more seconds of screen time, Special thanks in ending rolling credits, on set access, and 2 General tickets to initial premier.

These extra funds will go toward production, marketing, and distribution in order to reach an even larger audience than anticipated.

The more people see it, the more impressions to your product/goods/services.

Sample films made with a budget of $2,500,000 or less include:

–          Rocky: Budget: $1,100,000 // Worldwide Gross: $225,000,000 (Won Three Oscars)

–          Napoleon Dynamite: Budget: $400,000 // Worldwide Gross: $44,500,000 (Won MTV – Teen choice awards)

–          Garden State: Budget: $2,500,000 // Worldwide Gross: $26,800,000 (Won Grammy)

The Latest Low Budget Film of recognition is the Dallas Buyers Club where it was filmed for a few million and rocked the academy by winning Oscars and Golden globes for its cast/crew.

Key Success Factors

–          Exclusive Rights: The Company has the exclusive rights to produce a film based on the life of Frank Shankwitz, the principal Founder of Make-A-Wish.  In addition, it has the exclusive rights to licensing and merchandise sales from this project.

–          All Star Team: The Company is in the process of assembling a team of successful entrepreneurs and film industry veterans. With so much passion around Frank’s story, industry leaders have been jumping at the opportunity to be a part of the Wish Man project and, in many cases, offered to provide their services for discounted rates and as free contributions.

–          Lower Cost To Produce & Higher Return On Investment: The Company will be shooting the film “On Location” in Arizona and Nevada (where the actual events took place).  It is currently working with the state and city of Prescott, as well as several private landowners who have agreed to let us film on their property at no cost. Because of the nature of this project, several individuals have offered to provide their services at a highly discounted rate or free of charge. This includes several celebrities who have an affinity for Frank and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

–          Lasting Impact: The Wish Man project creates an opportunity for investors to be a part of something with lasting impact.  This is a cause based film, with a simple message – “Anyone can be a hero”


Production Team

Greg Reid, Producer

Greg Reid is a international best-selling author, keynote speaker, award-winning filmmaker, and multi-company entrepreneur. Greg has been selected by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to expand on the teaching of the 20th best-selling book in history, “Think and Grow Rich”. Greg has published over 48 books, including over 23 best sellers. He is the creator and producer of three internationally acclaimed (documentary) films including Pass It On, and Three Feet From Gold. He has been featured on several nationally syndicated programs. Greg’s community involvement has earned him recognition all the way from the White House to major media outlets all around the world.

Line Producer

Jeanne Stack has produced Films such Kundun with Martin Scorsese, to Contact with Jodie Foster. Her film knowledge and action taking ability has become the lifeline of this project. She has integrated both her experience and connections into the movie, which has given us a leg up within the film community.

Frank Shankwitz, Founder Make-A-Wish Foundation

Frank Shankwitz is a Founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and a retired (40 year veteran) Arizona patrolman. Since 1980, Make-A-Wish Foundation has reached over 250,000 children around the world and has become of the world’s most well know charities.


Film Crew

Executive Production Advisor

Gary Goldstein is an author, speaker, and strategic consultant. He has produced movie classics like Pretty Woman, Under Siege, and Mothman Prophesies which have generated over $1 billion in box office sales. Gary will be overseeing the production quality and helping to ensure the screenplay is of the highest quality possible.

Production Design

Bob Ziembicki is one of the film industry’s leading set designers. His job is to assure that a film’s visual impact is world class. His work includes Academy award-nominated movies such as Boogie Nights (starring Mark Wahlberg, Julianne Moore, and Burt Reynolds), Dead Man (starring Johnny Depp), The Wedding Planner (starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey), BARFLY (starring Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway), and Jackass Number Two (starring Johnny Knoxville). Other well known titles include Hot Tub Machine, Scream 2, The Amateurs, The Skulls, and countless others.

Script Supervisor

Elaine Yarish is responsible for one of the most important roles in filmmaking. Her job is to make sure the actors stay on script and tie scenes together. Elaine’s experience is second to none and has been featured in films such as My Mom’s New Boyfriend with Antonio Banderas and Being Julia with Annette Bening.


Introducing Theo Davies, a new voice of modern inspiration. Although this New York Film Academy graduate is relatively new to the scene, Frank has personally hand selected him to share his message. Theo’s way of weaving a storyline is comparable to young James Cameron, and his film project (featuring Tom Sizemore) has already received multiple award nominations.


These results are for illustration purposes only and are not a guarantee of sales for the Wish Man Movie.

*It is important to note, this film is not being made in association with the Make-A-Wish-Foundation.

It is the True-life story of the man who founded this life changing movement.


This document is for information purposes only. It is not intended to solicit the purchase or sale of financial instruments, it should not be relied on for that purpose, and it does not constitute an offer to purchase. Investment in the Company may imply a significant risk.